Bush Fire Fundraiser

When one is gifted ceramics that are handmade, it can bring them a certain comfort. We know ~ not only from our own hearts and passion, but from the reactions and feedback we have received from our customers for over a decade now ~ that handmade ceramics bring much love and joy to homes, families and mealtimes.

We are currently putting together a plan to help some of the affected families of the recent and current horrendous bush fires in Australia with a selection of our handmade ceramic dinner sets and other items to help rebuild their homes, once these families are ready to do so. The project is still in very early stages and we will keep you updated on this page and on social media.

We are pledging to donate 2x 16-piece dinnersets, consisting of our most versatile pieces; 4x dinner plates, 4x bread plates, 4x soup bowls and 4x mugs for each set. We are furthermore pledging to donate 6x oil burner sets, including gorgeous Australian essential oils which are generously being donated by Cedar & Stone.

As a small handmade business we wish we could do more! With your help, we are hoping to put together more dinner sets and other ceramic gifts to help make new houses feel like ‘home’ again for those that have lost everything. The full value of each dinner set is $736, however for this appeal we are pledging that for every $450 raised, we will gift another 16-piece dinner set (please note the exact ceramics may change depending on the family’s needs and preference, we want them to receive the pieces that will be most useful and special for them ~ but the value will remain the same). Should there be any funds left over (and no more need for additional ceramics to be sent to families), we will be donating the remainder to Wires Wildlife Rescue along with funds we are raising through sales from our Bush Prints Collection during the month of January.

If you are able to contribute by way of a ‘paying it forward’ donation, please click the product link below, any help from as little as $5 will be so very much appreciated.

We are currently also receiving amazing pledges from artists who have jumped on board to donate their artworks, assisting families to refurnish their home after the fires. If you are an artist and would like to assist the Art to Rebuild project with Kim Wallace Ceramics please contact us.

If you know of a family in the fire affected area with a passion for handmade ceramics ~ and that are needing to rebuild their homes and lives, please let us know. We are currently compiling a list and would love to hear from loved ones. Please note that recipients will be chosen out our very best and honest discretion, we may not be able to send pieces to all families. It will all depend on how many more families we hear about and how much we are able to raise. Please understand that this project is in very early stages of conception and we will do our very best to keep you updated.

Email: kim@kwceramics.com.au
For updates please also visit our Instagram account and click the Bushfire tab in our stories highlights ~ @kimwallace_ceramics

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