I am Golden {Turmeric Latte} tea & cup gift set



Friend need a pick-me-up? Loved one not feeling well? Or are you simply wanting to enjoy this amazing healing drink in perfectly matched handmade cups? This gift set has it all. Look after your body and soul with this match made in heaven. Choose to add a jar of Mount Henry premium small batch honey to make this the ultimate gift set.

These cups are carved by hand for a textured pattern, and glazed in our gorgeous bluegum glaze ~ which has a gorgeous orange glaze flare where the glaze meets the natural stoneware clay ~ a perfect match with the golden Turmeric colour! The cups measure approx 12oz ~ 340ml.

These cups are part of our ‘seconds’ range and give you an even better deal on this set, as they have come out of the kiln slightly warped (not quite round). Deliciously imperfect with lots of personality for your daily brew!

I am Golden Organic Turmeric Latte powder ~ 200gr jar
Yes, Turmeric Lattes are oh so ‘in’ right now, but let me assure you, these beauties have been around for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic medicine, & for good reason too. Both ginger & turmeric have incredible anti-inflammatory & cleansing properties, which means this soothing & delicious drink is also mighty good for you. So sip throughout the day my friend, & let it support your digestion, aching body & delight your tastebuds.

Ingredients: Organic Turmeric , Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves & Black Pepper

About Little Wildling Co

Little Wildling Co are organic wild grown herbal teas + powders with a difference… they are for the rule breakers, the inspired, the dreamers, tea lovers, the wild ones.

Little Wildling Co herbal tea contains nothing but organic, wild-grown and a combination of local Australian and international ingredients, hand blended with love by Lee Sutherland.

With a background in Natural Health Science, a passion for herbal medicine and a slight obsession with tea… Lee saw this as the perfect platform to combine all her loves together to create something a little different from the other herbal teas out there.
Growing up in country WA, 7 hours north of Perth on a farm in Ajana (or near Kalbarri for those in the know) and it’s there, in which name of the company was inspired from – the little wildling flowers her and her sisters found in the bush.
Now the blends are distributed between her homes and warehouses across Sydney and Noosa, and there’s something special for you; the dreamers, the rule breakers, the inspired, the tea lovers, the wild-ones.
What makes Little Wildling Co different? Well you won’t find any preservatives or flavours which are hidden in many out there.
What you will find is a lot of love and care. As the company moves towards becoming B Corp Certified businesses there is no single use plastic and all products are recyclable, compost friendly (we’re looking at you tea bags) and reusable.
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