Morning Tea deluxe gift set



Gift yourself or a loved one the ultimate morning tea with this thoughtfully curated selection of our handmade ceramics, paired with the most divine organic looseleaf tea and handcrafted Bocconcini all’Amarena (almond cherry biscuits). A beautifully wrapped package full to the brim to truly spoil someone special.

This set includes;
~ 1x Vintage Lace serving plate 24cm
~ 1x Vintage Lace tiny dish
~ A set of 2x Classic White tea mugs
~ 1x Classic White milk pourer
~ 1x 120g jar of ‘I Need a Moment’ organic looseleaf tea by Little Wildling Co
~ 1x glass gift jar of Bocconcini all’Amarena (almond cherry biscuits) by Rick’s Artisan Bakery

Optional add-on;
~ 1x Little Wildling Co tea strainer

Our Vintage Lace Collection and classic white mugs
Each piece in our Vintage Lace Collection is entirely made by hand by pressing a vintage lace doily into the clay whilst wet, leaving the detailed imprint of the lace behind. The faceted rim adds an elegant touch to this timeless heirloom piece.

The lace plate and dish, as well as the mugs and pourer are all made from the same beautiful Australian porcelain clay, and glazed by hand using our food-safe, non-toxic white gloss glaze. Fired to very high stoneware temperature for optimal strength and durability.

Bocconcini all’Amarena (almond cherry biscuits) by Rick’s Artisan Bakery
Tried and tested by our studio team on a (very) regular basis, all handcrafted baked goods from Rick’s Bakery are on our favourites list! Well renowned amongst Sunshine Coast locals and with lineups stretching out the door, Rick’s Bakery is just around the corner from our studio, enabling us to pick up fresh baked goods daily. We are proud to work with them to offer you these delicious gift set additions.
Ingredients; Almond meal, sugar, egg white, vanilla paste, almond flakes, amarena cherries

I Need a Moment organic looseleaf tea
Been saying yes more than you’ve been saying no lately? So stressed that you are surprised that you are still functioning? Or maybe sleep is calling your name yet you are counting more sheep than zzzz’s.We have all been there. You need a moment, and you also need a strong cup of this calming (valium in a tea pot) tea.

INGREDIENTS: An oh so calming blend of Chamomile, Passionflower, Lavender, Hyssops, Valerian, and Oats.

INSTRUCTIONS: 1-2 teaspoons to each cup of boiling water, infuse for at least 5 minutes (15 minutes is even better to help draw out all those killer medicinal properties). Don’t forget to take two deep breaths, tell yourself ‘you got this’ and enjoy.

A word of advice: sleepiness is often a side effect of being so darn chilled, so drink near a pillow, or hammock.

About Little Wildling Co

Little Wildling Co are organic wild grown herbal teas + powders with a difference… they are for the rule breakers, the inspired, the dreamers, tea lovers, the wild ones.

Little Wildling Co herbal tea contains nothing but organic, wild-grown and a combination of local Australian and international ingredients, hand blended with love by Lee Sutherland.

With a background in Natural Health Science, a passion for herbal medicine and a slight obsession with tea… Lee saw this as the perfect platform to combine all her loves together to create something a little different from the other herbal teas out there.
Growing up in country WA, 7 hours north of Perth on a farm in Ajana (or near Kalbarri for those in the know) and it’s there, in which name of the company was inspired from – the little wildling flowers her and her sisters found in the bush.
Now the blends are distributed between her homes and warehouses across Sydney and Noosa, and there’s something special for you; the dreamers, the rule breakers, the inspired, the tea lovers, the wild-ones.
What makes Little Wildling Co different? Well you won’t find any preservatives or flavours which are hidden in many out there.
What you will find is a lot of love and care. As the company moves towards becoming B Corp Certified businesses there is no single use plastic and all products are recyclable, compost friendly (we’re looking at you tea bags) and reusable.
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