Dinner candle holders with gold lustre ~ set of 2



These beautiful, organic shaped dinner candle holders will add a beautiful touch to your dinner table! Featuring a touch of true gold lustre, paired with our favourite speckled stoneware clay, for a natural yet elegant look.

These candle holders are made to suit our favourite organic beeswax dinner candles by Northern Light, with a burn time of 16hrs. The holders are available as a boxed set of 2, or paired with a set of dinner candles. Please make your selection from the drop-down menu.

Candle holders measure approx 6.5diameter x 3cm high, please note these are freeform and sizes will vary. Candles measure approx 35cm tall.

Variations in size and shape may occur as each piece is formed by hand, making each a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

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