‘Chai for Two’ Gift Set ~ 2 handmade mugs with honey soaked chai



Gorgeous gift set of two of our handmade stoneware mugs, paired with the most delicious, sticky honey-soaked chai from The Fresh Chai Co, made in Montville. Choose your favourite mug and chai combo from the dropdown menu. The beautiful chai flavours are described further below.

Perfect as a housewarming gift, couples gift, a thoughtful get-well gesture or anyone that loves sipping rich, beautiful chai from handmade mugs. Each mug roughly holds a generous 380ml (over 13.5oz), the perfect size for a steamy cup of chai. Gift set is for 2x mugs and 1x 125gr packet of fresh chai, packaged together in a kraft gift box with rose gold foil design. Additional gift wrap available.

We have chosen our favourite colour combinations for these gift sets, however we can mix and match any of our mug finishes to suit your style perfectly! Please get in touch with your requirements.

All our ceramics are fired to very high temperatures, making them very strong, durable and dishwasher safe. External unglazed surfaces are highly vitrified and water & stain resistant.

If this piece is not in stock we can make it to order especially for you in our Sunshine Coast studio. For current turnaround times and more information please refer to our customer care page.

As each piece is made by hand, variations may occur in the shape, image and colour, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. 

The Fresh Chai Co uses only 100% certified organic ingredients and Fairtrade. Passionate about making the best possible chai, their method takes time and care. Whole spices are stone milled, select spices are ground by mortar and pestle and the raw honey is infused with whole vanilla for weeks. It’s very likely their chai is lovingly handled more than any other chai in the world to produce something with lively flavour and feeling.

Masala Blend Chai is a traditional seven spiced chai that is warm, rich and familiar but with a Fresh Chai lift. FRESHLY stone crushed whole spices are blended to perfection with full bodied Assam long leaf black tea. The chai is then soaked in local raw honey to make the most delicious chai imaginable…

Golden Turmeric Blend Chai is made with a healthy dose of the finest turmeric with antioxidant rich rooibos tea balanced with a delicious blend of freshly crushed chai spices and whole vanilla. The chai is then soaked in local raw honey to meld the flavours and preserve the freshness…

Chocolate Blend Chai is a rich vanilla bean and cardamom driven chai with deep chocolate flavours behind it. Stone crushed whole spices are blended to perfection with rich, malty Assam long leaf black tea, raw cacao and vanilla beans. The chai is then soaked in local raw honey to make the most delicious chai imaginable…

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