Redecker loofah soap saver sack


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Redecker’s Loofah Soap Sack is a great way to collect and use the remnants of leftover bars of soap. Woven from the fibres of the loofah plant, the soap sack provides efficient exfoliation while you bathe. To use ~ simply place a bar of soap (or soap remnants) inside and tug on the drawstring; as you lather up, the loofah sack will create suds galore. Hang the sack from the drawstring to dry and there’s no need to remove the soap. Measures 12cm x 14cm

Gorgeous in addition to our handmade soap dishes and soaps, available here.

Germany’s Redecker is a family business who have been crafting wonderful artisan brushware since 1935. Famous around the world for their quality design, functionality and use of sustainable wood and natural fibres, this tradition inspired collection features quality kitchen, housekeeping, garden, spa and grooming products, many of which are made by in-house craftsman in Redecker’s workshop.

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