Macramé Table Runner



An absolutely divine macramé table runner, knotted entirely by hand by Honi Roberts from KnottedHoney in Brisbane. A true work of art and example of quality craftsmanship that takes many, many hours to make.

This runner features a repetitive diamond pattern and tasseled ends. Made from 100% sustainably sourced, cream coloured Australian cotton it is the perfect addition to any table setting.

Create the perfect boho look by adding our colourful Bluegum and Shino dinnerware, or keep it paired back with neutral tones of our white on stone plates & bowls. Whichever way you choose to style, this table runner is sure to be a showstopper. Made in very limited quantities. Backorders can be placed by request only, so we can confirm turnaround time for you.


  • 26cm x 1.9m ~ suits tables measuring between 1.2~1.5m to allow for the tasseled ends to overhang.
  • 26cm x 2.4m ~ suits tables measuring between 1.5~1.9m to allow for the tasseled ends to overhang.  
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