Did you hear about the ceramics furnace that exploded?

It was terrible. We had to notify it's next of kiln.

With Father's Day coming up, we couldn't resist opening with a clay-themed Dad joke! While you recover from the inevitable cringe, we'd love to show you some of the luxurious handmade gifts we have created in our studio to celebrate the amazing guys that we call Dad.

Each one of our ceramics is individually handcrafted in our Noosa studio ~ the perfect way to show your Dad how much you appreciate him (and his cheesy jokes!) this Father's Day.

To keep with the theme, we're introducing each one with a terribly corny joke that would make any Dad proud!

handmade fathers day gifts australia

Dad Joke #1. Someone stole my coffee cup so I'm heading to the police station to look at some mugshots...

The ultimate upgrade to his morning espresso, our reusable coffee cups are stylish and perfect for enjoying hot beverages on the go ~ whether your Dad enjoys a latte or herbal infusion. Our cups come in three different sizes and a variety of gorgeous glazes ~ choose the one that suits his personality the most! 

Gift wrapping is also available as an optional extra ~ leave a note and we will personally transcribe it for you...even if it is a Dad joke of your own! Go on, give it your best shot! (pun totally intended)

handmade fathers day gifts australia

 Dad Joke #2. I made a chicken salad this morning. The stupid thing is, he won't eat it.

Ungrateful poultry aside, our handmade serving bowls will definitely impress your Dad and his mates ~ especially if he likes to whip up his very own Masterchef style creations for those summer BBQ's and lazy Sunday lunches.

Each one of our serving bowls is made using stunning Australian clays, shaped and glazed by hand to create classic pieces that are perfect for serving up salads, piles of roast vegies and acting as a fancy fruit bowl in between meals.

Available in our two collections ~ Ebb Tide and Rugged Earth ~ our serving bowls include a beautiful KWC branded gift box.

handmade serving bowl

Dad Joke #3. Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth. Then it's a soap opera.

If you've been around here for any length of time, you will have probably caught onto the fact that we are a little bit crazy for our pebble trays and soap dishes. These pieces are so versatile, which means you can use them for practically anything!

Our handmade oval soap trays are perfect for their intended purpose, but they are also ideal for stylishly holding car keys, random pocket stuff and business cards.

Available in four classic glazes, Dad will love these for his nightstand and in the office.

handmade ceramic soap dish

Dad Joke #4. What karaoke song would a coffee bean sing? 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot'.

Dad can espress(o) all sides of his colourful personality with our Espresso gift set ~ featuring four different glazes for different days! Each cup is beautifully handcrafted in our studio ~ the stunning blue and green tones in this set inspired by the pristine natural beauty of the nearby Noosa beaches and forests.

Our gift sets are packaged beautifully in our signature eco-friendly and rose gold foil branding. Gift wrapping is also available, incase you can't deliver your gift in person.

handmade espresso cups

Dad Joke #5. A friend told me that they used milk instead of shaving foam. “Pasteurised?” “No, just around my chin”.

It's a close shave, but if you have managed to get this far down the page having survived the trail of cheesy, cringey jokes then you are well and truly ready for Father's Day! 

Hopefully, we've helped you sort a gift that will not only knock Dad's socks off, he might also be rendered speechless and temporarily devoid of puns...just send him to this page if he needs a bad-joke recharge! 

PS. Don't forget to check out our handmade shaving sets ~ they are perfect for keeping everything stylish + on hand in the bathroom. 

original father's day gifts australia

August 23, 2022 — KW Studio
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