Australian handmade tableware

High quality tableware, handcrafted in Noosa using Australian clays, made to withstand the high-pressure hospitality environment.

We love working together with chefs and restaurants around the country and across the globe.

All pieces are entirely created by hand in our Noosa studio using Australian clays. The result: truly unique tableware that will impress your guests and provide the perfect canvas for the dishes you create.

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Complementary Tableware

Elevate your Guest's Experience

We supply a range of complementary pieces such as bud vases and candle holders, beautifully paired with your crockery to finish off your perfect table setting.

Candle Holders

We aim to keep our candle holders narrow and elegant in size to not take up unnecessary space on your tables. Enquire about our range of candle and tealight holders.

Bud Vases

We have a varied range of bud vases available that can be perfectly matched, or paired with your restaurant's glaze choices to complete your setting.

Wallace’s plates are delicate but still earthy. Glazed in the centre and granular around the edges, they incorporate a mix of textures as pleasing to touch as to behold. In fact, when pressed (chef Tony) Moss nominates Wallace’s plates as one of his favourite things about the restaurant presently.”
— Extract from 'Supper' issue 4
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