Pebble tray ~ Classic White {SECONDS SALE}

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SECONDS SALE ~ pieces have one, or sometimes several of the following faults or irregularities. None of the faults affect the quality or durability of the piece and all pieces are guaranteed food safe. Photos shown are generic and do not show possible faults. 

  • Flecks in glaze
  • Glaze cracks (ie very fine cracks in the surface of the glaze ~ the clay body is fully vitrified and the crack does not affect functionality)
  • Minor glaze faults (ie pinholing, glaze marks/smudges or fine marks in glaze)
  • Irregular glazing (ie glaze is thinner or irregular in colour in certain areas, or a slightly different colour than usual)
  • Marks or glaze flare on the base of the piece, or irregular colour in the clay
  • Slight wobble (ie not quite sitting flat on table) or warping (ie not as round or even as we would like)

Gorgeous organic shaped pebble trays in a variety of shapes and sizes with so many uses! Shaped by hand from stunning Australian porcelain clay, glazed with our favourite white gloss glaze and fired to very high temperature for optimal durability and strength.

Small tray ~ approx 23 x 13cm
Use in the kitchen or bathroom to display your soap, dishwashing brushes & liquid. Use on your nightstand to display your jewellery, use at the dinner table for side dishes or add a cup of tea and some biscuits for a unique serving tray. Or add a beeswax or scented candle and your favourite trinkets, treasures and keepsakes for a beautiful vignette. The possibilities are endless!

Long tray ~ approx 31 x 12cm
Use for everything mentioned for our Small Platter ~ this tray is also gorgeous with a trio of mini bowls, or beeswax candles in the centre of your dinner table or on your sideboard ~ the long shape is ideal, not taking up too much space.

Large tray ~ approx 28 x 19cm
Use for everything mentioned above. This tray also works beautifully as an unusual shaped dinner plate, we personally love adding one of our Everyday bowls for soup, with plenty of space on the side for your toasted sourdough.

Another favourite use is to use this platter to create a stunning centrepiece display ~ group your favourite objects or candles together to form a stunning and visually appealing vignette with so many possibilities! Add your favourite dried flowers or plants, pine cones, foraged pieces, treasures collected by your little ones or other meaningful keepsakes or ornaments for your own personal touch.

These gorgeous trays are so versatile, we use them in a variety of our gift sets with gorgeous add-ons. View all gift sets here.

About our Seconds

Our seconds are perfectly imperfect, they just didn't quite make the final cut during our vigorous quality control process. Faults or irregularities are described in the listing. None of the faults affect the quality or durability of the piece and all pieces are guaranteed food safe.

Please note ~ Samples & Seconds are non-refundable.

Care Instructions

All our ceramics are made using Australian, non-toxic, food-safe clays and glazes.

All our ceramics are fired to very high temperatures, making them very strong and durable. All of our pieces ~ with the exception of gold lustre decorations ~ are dishwasher & oven safe.  Take care to avoid sudden temperature changes (for example from the oven to a cold benchtop) as this is likely to cause thermal shock which can result in the piece cracking.

Gold lustre finishes are fired in the kiln for durability & food safety, however please note they are not dishwasher or ovenproof. DO NOT microwave lustre pieces as we use true gold!

Please wash before use.

Gift Wrap

Samples and seconds can be gift wrapped like all our other pieces. Please note that all seconds are labelled and include a card explaining our beautiful slightly wonky / offbeat seconds & samples.