Fern captures the ancient beauty and textures of the sub-tropical rainforest. With a glaze inspired by the complex layers of foliage, lichen entwined tree trunks and mossy undergrowth, Fern takes a voyage of discovery through the forest floor to the hidden depths of shimmering waterholes.

As with Everglades and Pebblestone, Fern features glazed edges and rims to create a stunning symphony of colours and tones within each piece. The round plates are individually formed by hand, so that no two are exactly alike while the bowls have been carefully designed and sized to serve their intended purpose.



The multi-layered glaze detail produces an array of glistening tones, perfect for a variety of occasions - pair with timber to create a calm, tranquil vibe or style with brass for a hint of understated glamour.

Fern is available in all your favourite pieces - including our best selling oval serving platters and serving bowls - and is complemented beautifully by our cafe creme and white table linens.


July 22, 2021 — KW Studio