This is how we envision our pieces in your life ~ filled with delicious food as you laugh, make memories and connect around the table ~ a ritual that has grown more precious and meaningful in the past 18 months.

Last week, the KWC team celebrated the launch of the new website with a delicious, traditional Japanese lunch made by team member Motoko ~ who is our packing expert and in-house florist.  



The team are always so busy working in their respective roles, it was wonderful to come together for a shared meal to celebrate the weeks of hard work and long nights that went into creating a new online home for KWC.

Motoko's beautiful dish of Gomoku Sushi ~ 'Go' meaning five and 'Moku' meaning items, is traditionally served in Japan to celebrate important milestones ~ what a lovely way to mark the beginning of a new chapter for our small studio and team of makers.



Our Oval Serving platter was perfect for the shared meal while EMBER (the upcoming addition to the Rugged Earth collection) fit in beautifully with our eclectic mix of ceramics from the studio kitchen.


September 13, 2021 — KW Studio
Tags: studio news