Bowl ~ pebblestone



Pasta bowl: Approx. 25cm diameter x 4cm high ~ AU$65
{Great for salads, pasta, curries and dishes with sauce}
Nourish bowl: Approx. 22cm diameter x 6.5cm high ~ AU$65
{Great for poke bowls, ramen, salads or use as a small serving bowl for veggies and sides}
Everyday bowl: Approx. 19cm diameter x 6.5cm high ~ AU$55
{A very versatile shape perfect for breakfast, soup, pasta, sides, salads, snacks, yoghurt and desserts}
Breakfast bowl: Approx. 15cm diameter x 5.5cm high ~ AU$45
{Great for small breakfasts, side dishes, yoghurt, dessert and snacks}
Condiment bowl: Approx. 9.5cm x 2.5cm high ~ AU$19
{Great for condiment, sauce, salt, spices or toppings}

Prices include GST.

QTY Discount
Purchase 4 or more bowls of the same size and receive 10% off!

Handmade bowls, made from stunning sand-coloured, slightly textured Australian stoneware clay. The pasta, medium and condiment bowls are made using slabs (rolled out pieces) of clay which are cut, formed and glazed entirely by hand, creating a gorgeous organic feel with no two pieces exactly the same. The everyday bowls are made using a technique called slipcasting, where liquid clay is poured into plaster moulds to create the more upright walls of this bowl.

Our stunning Pebblestone glaze features several different glazes layered together to create a beautiful range of colours and pattern that is varied on each piece. Colours range from smoky blue, bluegum & green tones through to browns and natural tones depending on thickness and layering of glazes. Glazes are applied loosely and partially splattered on in a Pollock-type manner, making this range truly unique and oh-so-much fun (albeit messy) to glaze!

The glaze ‘breaks’* beautifully on the edges of the bowls ~ creating gorgeous colour variations especially highlighted on the slightly sharper edge of the Everyday Bowl.

{*a technical term in ceramics, meaning a decorative effect in ceramic glazes that exploits changes in colour and character in certain glazes when their thickness varies}

The base of the bowls is left unglazed and polished smooth after firing, creating a vitrified stone-like surface with a tactile feel.

If the pieces you are after are not in stock we can make them to order especially for you in our Sunshine Coast studio. For current turnaround times on backorders and more information please refer to our customer care page.


This tableware collection is inspired by our beautiful planet Earth and all its textures & rawness. For these pieces we focused on rich colours and glaze layering. Our round plates feature hand-formed edges with no two exactly alike. Our bowls are carefully designed to be just right in size for their purpose.

In contrast to our Ebb Tide Collection where the main feature is our exposed edges, the Rugged Earth Collection showcases glazed edges and rims, resulting in beautiful colours and variations where the glaze ‘breaks’* over the rim (*a technical term in ceramics, breaking is a decorative effect in ceramic glazes that exploits changes in colour and character in certain glazes when their thickness varies).

More pieces and colours will be added to to our collections seasonally. Please sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date!

caring for your ceramics
All our ceramics are hand-made in our Sunshine Coast studio, Australia. Variations and irregularities may occur in size, shape, colour & glaze, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.

All our ceramics are made using Australian, non-toxic, food-safe clays and glazes. They are oven and dishwasher safe, however we do recommend taking care as they are handmade of limited quantity. Take care to avoid sudden temperature changes (for example from the oven to a cold benchtop) as this is likely to cause thermal shock which can result in the piece cracking.

NOTE: To prevent glaze scratches we recommend storing your ceramics in plate racks or with a soft cloth between each piece. To keep your pieces beautiful, minimise contact with staining foods or liquids on unglazed surfaces.

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